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About us


From the age of 12, I was brought up in the hospitality industry with my family running bars and restaurants. I first started working in kitchens when at the age of 13. My career followed this path until the age of 22, working for national chains working up to the role of general manager. I then re-entered education completing a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in International Business. When leaving university, I started a food wholesaling business that I built and ran for 8 years until it was sold out to a bigger organisation. I have gone to open several successful restaurants that are still currently operating. This is where my passion for managing assets was born. During this process, it was a necessity to allow for growth and decline whilst understanding the financial implications of assets needed to do so. 


I learnt from many mistakes during this period and had to find an alternative based approach in this process. I then looked at other organisations struggling at this period of time and assisted in closure of some of there outlets as well as contracting for local authority and commercial agents.

This is when it became clear organisations were very good at planning for growth but in times of decline or relocation, there were less laid plans.

All of the above has brought me to where I am today and why I am one of the co-founders of resolve. I understand that finding the positive in a negative when it comes to managing assets is key. As a happy family man of 3 children, I realise focus can not just be based on financial reward. My main focus is looking on my impact on the world and what I can bring to improve the people and organisations I work with.



I’ve always been interested in the environment , animal rights, things of that nature. In my twenties, I worked in a second hand shop, learning the trade of buying and selling. After this , I set up business using the experience I gained in my twenties. I acquired stripped down furnishings and sold them off. I knew this kind of stuff would go to waste so that’s what made me want to start doing this business. Eventually, I started selling catering equipment, working with large refrigeration units and selling them off. Salvaging equipment was a way to give it a new lease of life.

At this point, I had a shop fitting business and a business for refurbished equipment. Eventually, mine and Dan’s paths crossed as we worked in similar industry. 

We were both shocked by the amount of waste from equipment and food. Over the years, we talked about assets and managing them: I wanted to find intuitive, imaginative ways of re-using equipment. My passion for the environment and Dan’s passion for mental health issues drove us to create a business that was ethical and gave back to the community.

In my personal life, I am actively involved in campaigning for environmental issues : I was involved in anti-fracking protests. My local community is very important to me and I get involved as much as I can . I live in a small village in East Yorkshire with my partner and 2 children. 



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