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COVID-19: What's Being Done?

Many different businesses are committing to helping their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first time that many people are taking extra steps to help each other. We have always been committed to giving back to the community: here’s how some businesses are giving back to theirs, either through the culture of their workplace and protecting their employees or through a stronger sense of togetherness in a time where isolation has become the new normal.


Coca-Cola is committed to the thought process of ‘We’re in this together’, a warm message that has been felt in this global struggle throughout. Whilst we cannot physically come together to face this crisis, we can support and overcome COVID-19 as a collective: it is, after all, a global problem that requires a globalised solution.

Coca Cola is contributing over 120 million dollars globally to support COVID-19 relief efforts in affected communities and in the UK, have donated over 1.5 million drinks to key workers on the front line, food banks and to support the NHS throughout the country.

Coca-cola is also supporting the UK’s biggest food redistribution charity, FareShare, to provide nearly two million healthy meals and one million drinks to vulnerable people. This amazing gesture will support those who are facing financial hardship, older people and those with serious illnesses in self-isolation.

Coca-Cola is furthering their amazing work by partnering with UberEats and Deliveroo to help give NHS workers free vouchers for delivered meals! This support is truly a sign that working together, businesses can make a positive difference in this crisis.

The Collective

The collective is a global co-living building design business. They tell us upon a visit to their website that “together or not, we’re committed to community”. They, like Resolve, believe in the power of community. They have placed strong contingency measures in place for the communities they have created in their buildings and strictly adhering to the advice of health authorities. They have enacted remote working, virtual meetings and an amazing mental health hotline.

The collective is focused on the obstacle of loneliness, and have introduced measures to combat this, such as a range of mental health resources and their team are dedicated to supporting their members consistently. They are inspired by the power of their community, and maintain that “We are always stronger together”


Headspace is an accessible meditation service, dedicated to mindfulness and mental wellbeing. During this stressful time, Headspace present the message that they’re here for us by offering free mediations, and for the unemployed are offering a free year of Headspace Plus. They are also offering free access to education staff and NHS health care professionals. We need to take a step back and commit some time to our own mental health in these times, and these free meditations can be a great place to start.

These examples are a great identifier of how we can give back to each other at a time where it is needed most; we have always championed social responsibility as one of our core values, and it is inspiring to see how this crisis has inspired other businesses and organisations to do the same.

Together we can transform the future to one of ethical practices; let’s continue the global effort of working together after this crisis ends.

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