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COVID-19: Our Solutions to Enable a New Normal

Social distancing measures could be here for another 12 months. This is not ideal for an office-based environment; we are offering services to turn your open space office into a COVID safe working environment. We can arrange overnight installation to limit workplace disruption and create a range of installations individual to your workspace, and we provide an extremely flexible way to keep people safe where social distancing is not possible. Resolve will work with our clients closely to create a solution that is high quality, safe and reassuring. Custom built and secure, we will design, supply and install a solution that is individual to your business and will enhance the workplace environments vastly whilst adhering to social distancing and government guidelines.

We have developed the following services to allow a workplace to be connected but distant, ensuring the safest and most efficient workplace possible. These have been used in our community; these services have been enacted in the ergo centre in the Bridgehead Business Park, Hessle.

Desk and counter screens

To provide a practical, aesthetically pleasing and safe way of allowing a workplace to function and staff COVID safe, we can provide high-quality bespoke screens. These have been put in place in Clubleys Estate and Letting Agents, Beverly. Our process begins with a consultation and site survey as every environment is different; this will ensure that our screens are suited to the environment they are being placed in as best as possible. We can produce and install these screens to protect those in a workplace environment and the high quality of these screens ensure wellbeing that would otherwise be impossible.

Workspace Divider

Constructed of sturdy 40mm anodised aluminium profile, the frame of these partitions are aesthetically pleasing and reflect the security they provide. They provide flexibility to safety where social distancing is not feasible and can allow maximum utilisation of workspaces such as office spaces, canteens and other communal areas. Like all of our services, these are made to the highest standard. These can also be customised with bespoke graphics and installation.

Workspace Pods

Secure, easy to assemble and high quality, our workspace pods provide efficient use of office space and are aesthetically pleasing. We offer a range of designs and use our experience in exhibition and shopfitting to make a bespoke and quick to install service. The pods can also feature custom designs and aluminium frame sliding doors.

All our services take into consideration the importance of community, and our glass pods can be customised with images, lighting and graphics to truly suit the workplace they are installed in. We want to provide workplaces with an environment that is safe, distant, alert and an environment that cares for the people within it. By creating this environment, we are allowing a return to work in a manner that is undisruptive. We are also using sophisticated technology to allow this, such as heat-detecting cameras that can detect up to 30 people at once and measure their temperatures in real-time. This is the future of safe workplaces in the current social distance climate we find ourselves in.

These services are a way for the COVID-19 crisis to be a little easier for those wanting to return to work and is a way to ease people back into an office environment without the threat and stress that this pandemic has undoubtedly bought upon us. We want to give the best to our clients, and these services are the perfect way for clients to continue an office workspace that is COVID-19 safe. We want to ensure a return to normalcy in a way that is comfortable, easy and these solutions enable this.

We have also worked with the Warren kitchen in lockdown to provide vulnerable families with food parcels: to see our work with the Warren kitchen you can view our blog post here:

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