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Resolve In the community – The Warren Youth Project

Ethical & social work/projects are essential to the values of Resolve: the founders have always had a desire to give back to the community . One memorable project was the refurbishment of The Warren Youth Project’s Kitchen in the summer. Unfortunately, the kitchen had shut down leaving young people without a place to eat during their time at the Warren. Dan & Phil had identified the disused space and furnishings. With their skills and abilities, they planned refurbishment of the kitchen area at the Warren. They were aware of the impact they could have with this project and how many young people would be able to receive a meal at the Warren, as Dan pointed out “I’m really aware with the kids that a good meal a day really helps with mental health”. Although they function as a business their goal is to always give back to the community where possible … “The process can be covered by selling things properly through the right channels, but the priority has to go to the positive effect we can have on other organisations”. Having successfully completed the kitchen, Phil & Dan are determined to continue their work with organisations in need…

“What we’re trying to do is demonstrate that we can go into organisations that are restructuring , take their assets...The positive that delivers is way more that any financial (gain) , just for the fact that a number of kids that get fed a hot meal here”.
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