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Happy 2020: New Year, New Us!

It’s been a wonderful year for us all here at Resolve. 2019 has brought some of the most amazing clients, from Hull’s Tech Expo to a London trade show. This time of year has made us especially reflective of our past and how our tightly knit team has come to be. Over the years, as founders of Resolve, we’ve worked with so many wonderful people and come to the end of an incredibly busy decade as an inspired, highly experienced team.

Looking back at 2019 we have made new partnerships and continued to establish our name as a trustworthy, asset management provider. We provided the full shell scheme for the Tech Expo Humber in the North of England. Also creating bespoke builds for the event, using elements of wood and metal work for self-supporting rings. Later in the year, we designed and built promotional stands for various companies at London & Paris trade show winning further clients across Europe for the year ahead.

This year, we’ve been inspired by the wave of climate activism and the people who share our desire for a more sustainable future. Greta Thunberg’s determination and will to fight against climate change and face the dissent of her opposers will continue to inspire us in the 2020s. We aim to continue ethical practices that put the environment first and can help communities across the UK and beyond!

Overall, we’ve had a great year working with different organisations and incredible people and we hope to further establish ourselves as a sustainable, reliable company, that gives back to our community and the environment.

Thanks to you all for an incredible year.

We look forward to joining you for a huge 2020!

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