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Q&A with Resolve's Dan and Phil - Part 3

We’ve done the impossible so many times: the impossible is the ‘new normal’ for us.
we’re open to new ways of doing things and new ideas. We can be more innovative in how we deliver.

In the final instalment of our Q&A with Dan and Phil, we explore the dream projects along with and Dan and Phil’s favourite memory of each other.

Is there a dream project you’d love to do?

Dan: For me, the dream would be to have a couple of corporate clients so we can build a really strong relationship, where they’ll naturally work with our systems. And so, we’ve got a couple of corporate clients for the bulk of what we’re doing. And then, we can push the boundaries of helping people. That’s exciting.

Phil: I think that's the thing. It's the unknown. It's not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. The exiting thing would be finding a good corporate client that gets it, and is fully on board, wanting to work with us on this and see the fruits of our partnership.

Dan: Also, that we can fine-tune work around their policies; then we can concentrate more on actually delivering our projects, our ethical strategy to people and delivering the best service to the clients.

Phil: Yeah, delivering what they want. And I think one of our benefits is we’re not a great big, sprawling, rigid company. We're small and flexible and we’re open to new ways of doing things and new ideas. We can be more innovative in how we deliver.

Dan: It’s bringing in all these people and then saying: How can we make this even better? it would be really nice to get to a client and then look beyond, that's what both me and Phil are ready good at. We're really good at a project, a challenge and finding a different alternate through our process. I think that’s from years of being in business and you always find different solutions.

Because we have done different things, we bring that together and make a really nice fit of it, so we can rise to the challenge. Once you start rolling with these different situations and challenges, you get people to believe and trust. We incorporate this into an ethical and environmental thought process. We can then find the best way, the most sustainable impact from the environmental solution possible, and that’s brilliant.

One company might have a system set up, we might be able to look at it and think, right, that’s that. Then we can look at the transport link on it and look at all the aspects to minimise environmental impacts because it's not necessarily just how it is broken down, it’s the distance travelled, it's the money. it’s all these different environmental issues and it’s become my social conscience, especially in this current time.

I’ve always been more focused around mental health and the wellbeing of people, and I know what it is to be in a dark place myself. I can see how that is for a young person. And then I was really privileged with a supportive family, but other people won’t necessarily get that.

But the environment will come in together. It sounds cheesy however it feeds your soul! It sits well with us as we grow and If we can make a living out of doing that as a by-product, we couldn’t be any happier.

What is your favourite memory of each other working together in resolve?

We've done so many different things, we’ve had a lot of comedy, a lot of laughter in the van. I think it's that “jobs done” feeling.

Phil: The Tech Expo at the Humber Arena, 20-hour days back to back, trying to work miracles in a ridiculously short space of time.

Dan: Yeah, and when we’re together, It falls into place at that point. You know, there's been moments when I've sort of stepped back, and you think “this is really working, and this is really happening”. There’s no set memory; I just really enjoy working with Phil! It feels like there's a fit there. And outside of it, we're really good friends. you know, I probably speak to him more than he wants me to but I’ve not got a lot on at the moment!

I don't think it's a special moment. I think it just works and it fits, it feels right I mean, and the Bonus Arena there was moments that felt impossible. But I think since we've driving Resolve for the last few years, we’ve done the impossible so many times: the impossible is the ‘new normal’ for us.

It’s sort of like, we've got 72 hours and we’ve got to turn this around and do this and deliver that, straight into a solution and then the feeling of once you've done it, that's a good feeling.

Phil: It’s the same kind of thing for me. Those moments when utterly, you've gone beyond exhaustion and you've managed it. And when you around and look at the Bonus Arena and suddenly realise you've created an entire exhibition pretty much just with your team and Dan. that little feeling of “Yeah, we did that!”. That reward when you really have gone above and beyond.

You've gone past the end of your tether and it's completely frazzled, then you actually give yourself a second to walk around and go, you know, we've managed to create this. It's such a rewarding feeling that under similar situations when we've managed to donate equipment and services and walk away knowing we’ve done something good for people, for a community.

Dan: Like I said, financial is short term. it's a very short-term emotion balance and then people chase next because it's just never enough. Money is a drug; you chase it and chase it. If you get into that mindset, it’s never enough. Whereas doing the right thing and helping people, that's just constant. That's a feeling that you can draw on, that you know you're doing the right thing. It makes you proud when you feel at peace with what you've done.

You can tell them what you're doing, and you can be passionate about it and someone asks what we're doing, and I believe I can draw a lot of passion from it because I'm really passionate about Resolve, our work and I believe in us.

Resolve is dedicated to the ethical management of assets because we believe in the business as a whole. It’s our passion to deliver an ethical, sustainable and efficient service.

We have worked hard to create a model that seemingly delivers the impossible, and through our dedication to our values, we will continue to grow and give back to the community. We are beyond a service: we are helping people. We are Resolve.

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