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Resolve in The Community: Past, Present and Future.

Dan has been on the board of trustees at the Warren Youth Project in Hull for many years now and has a great passion for helping them to support young people’s mental health.

Knowing full well the effects a centre such as The Warren can have on the mental wellbeing of a young person, Dan has endeavoured to help ensure the continued functioning of the centre and works to help action plans of long-term refurbishment.

Previously Resolve has helped the Warren by refurbishing their kitchen. However, rather than purchasing new equipment for the project, Dan & Phil had links with ‘The Crossing’, a homeless charity also based in Hull. The Crossing had previously installed a café/restaurant and kitchen model that had not worked for them. It was realised that this equipment could be repurposed for the Warren Youth Project, so the redundant contents were purchased from the Crossing.

With this, the Resolve team refurbished the Warren kitchen, putting a counter in, a service point and made the space manageable. Given Dan’s background in the hospitality and restaurant industry, he knew how the layout could best function for the team at the Warren to allow for maximum capacity.

To make the Resolve model function efficiently in this case, when the items were purchased from The Crossing any assets that were obtained and not needed were retained and sold off to essentially self-fund the charity project and allow the assets to be managed on a percentage basis. Knowing the value this provides to local young people, their families and the staff at the Warren Youth Project is invaluable and the knock-on effect that can have when you view the wider picture is one of Dan’s big drivers.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Dan realised that the Warren had no van to enable them to deliver food parcels to those young and most vulnerable and their families, the move was then made to donate the use of Dan’s van to enable this. This demonstrates Resolve's passion for realising the value of assets to these organisations to provide much-needed support and help to the most vulnerable people in times of crisis, as opposed to just seeing things as redundant or temporarily out of use items.

When it comes to the future for Resolves relationship with The Warren, during the current Covid-19 situation and with Government Guidelines stating that social distancing in various measures could continue for 12 months, Resolve are working to ensure that the future use of The Warren by its local youth who require a place of solace and support is possible, with social distancing measures and safety requirements in place.

Resolve shall be installing numerous features to ensure the safety of all who visit the centre, such as office safety screens and partitions with safety screens fitted on all desks. Social distancing graphics shall be placed on flooring to create a one-way system to ensure a two-meter distance can be carried out at all times. A social meeting area will be created using reclaimed materials with vibrant graphics and features, with safety screens and partitions in place.

Upon entry to the building heat sensor cameras using state of the art AI technology will be installed, these state-of-the-art cameras have the ability to detect up to 30 individual’s forehead temperatures at any one time to accurately measure temperatures within 0.3°c± to safeguard against heightened body temperatures. This highly intelligent software can detect temperatures through masks and even crash helmets, with the ability to differentiate between a safe hot beverage and a human temperature. Finally, mobile electronic motion detector hand sanitisers will be placed strategically around the building to ensure that all visitors maintain their hand hygiene.

Although the current climate is certainly not desirable for any business or organisation, at Resolve we realise the importance of community, the safety of the said community and the need for life to resume as best as is possible, to be able to be a catalyst in ensuring this is carried out safely is a service we are proud to provide.

Resolve are always committed to providing support within the community, at the present time we are proud to be able to support public safety whilst helping businesses and organisations to resume some level of normality as safely as possible.

To find out more about how Resolve can enable your business or organisation to resume daily operations safely visit or contact us at for more information.

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