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Being a multifaceted team , having the ability and experience to delve into whatever project we are tasked to do; our services range from Supermarket clearances to Re-deployment and factory parts clearance. One facet of our services, is a key feature. Much of our work involves taking materials that are then upcycled or recycled into other items for clients events. An example of this kind of work are tables we made using beer barrels for a stall at the Freedom Festival. Having completed various assets removals, our processes have provided us with great insight into how we can create a better experience for our clients.

Our team consists of 20 years plus experience in asset management with insight into related industries. Founders, Dan & Phil’s background has shaped the core values of the company and the purpose behind this line of work. Their combined experience in hospitality, food and asset management has given them the insight into the processes that drive their business. As Dan identified in his former years that many businesses didn’t plan for decline in business.

Their previous work showed them how much waste was produced by their industry, through food and equipment. Further to this, they are driven by a passion for their community which has also influenced their processes. With a desire to give back, we re-deploy equipment we have acquired to places in need. From clients to our community work, we are able to manage, store, refurbish and deliver items. Refurbishing allows our business to utilise waste in an ethical way and one that can provide for the community.

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